The Naff Nic Season

There have been those who have climbed Everest, those who have powered their way across the poles of this great planet hampered by appalling weather and grumpy huskies, those who have won Nobel prizes and Pulitzer prizes, those who have travelled into space and farted in zero gravity, there is Tom Hanks.

These people are the heroes of our current time, pushing the boundaries and daring to do things that wouldn’t even cross a normal person’s mind (i would never have thought about starring in The ‘Burbs, mainly because i was one at the time of its release, but that crazy old Tom Hanks did).

However, I feel now it is my turn to throw my unworn, fez-esque hat into the ring.

I am not going to sit here and say that I am not a fan of Nicolas Cage, that would be a lie as I’m a rather big fan of the man. Con Air is a film I regularly re-visit, Face/Off is wonderful in its gleeful abandon of sanity, Adaptation is just bloody amazing, THE ROCK (THE ROCK!), but Mr Cage has a habit, whether it be for tax purposes or just to embarrass his uncle Francis at every realistic opportunity, to star in some absolute toilet.

These strange swerves to the shit end of the spectrum are never mild but always spectacular. Whether it is the distracting abomination of a blonde mullet he is wearing (see Drive Angry) or the fact his character spends a chunk of the film with a flaming skull as a head (see Ghost Rider), we can, most of the time, give Mr Cage a pass. There are times though when this is not possible.

So I have taken it upon myself to watch the Top 5 worst rated Nicolas Cage films, as per their ratings on IMDB, and give my time and energy to review each and every one.

I hope you will all join me in my quest to not die inside.

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