About Us

Jake Burden

The resident videogame “expert” here at After The Credits. I grew up in Sunderland and like any normal kid spent my days avoiding going outside and likely developing long term neck damage by hunching over a Game Boy. I graduated from Sunderland Uni with a degree in music so naturally I’m perfectly equipped to be an amateur reviewer.

Jennifer Waugh

Huge book geek and proud. Also a Sunderland university graduate in English language and literature so this is how I’m using my degree. I buy more books than I can ever read and constantly trawl through all the social medias in order to find new books (psst; I have all the social medias. Username: JenWof).

Laura Steventon

Sad old film ‘nerd’, living amongst an array of plastic boxes holding various shiny DVDs. Most of my spare time is spending watching films of a various nature, but one draws the line at chick flicks.

Louise Clarkson

Board game geek extraordinaire at your service. I love moving around brightly colored shapes around a board to win points. I’m also a massive movie buff, so much so I went and got a degree in media production from Sunderland University.

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